1. FastHub - A poweful GitHub client for Android

My favorite open-source app is a highly customizable, feature-packed GitHub client for Android that I’ve never found lacking in any way yet. Regular updates and a well-designed interface lets me navigate across issues and repositories intuitively, and the different themes and endless options let me customize the app perfectly to my whims and fancies. With support for organizations and enterprise accounts, this app appeals to a lot more people than any other GitHub client for Android I’ve seen before.

Download: F-Droid

2. Materialistic - A well-designed Hacker News client for Android

Materialistic is a material design Hacker News client for Android that offers a host of customizability options and uses the official HackerNews/API, providing you with a plethora of content and a fresh supply of interesting articles focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship providing sufficient gratification of one’s intellectial curiosity. The app supports a few hand-crafted themes and lots of customization on how the content is presented to you. You can also log in with your Y Combinator credentials and post articles and other content to the Hacker News platform.

Download: F-Droid | Play Store

3. Telegram - Encrypted cloud based messaging for everyone

Telegram is a cloud-based IM & VoIP service and has an open-souce Android client with support for end-to-end encrypted conversations and calls. Quotas are generous, enabling users to store and transfer files upto sizes of 1.5GB and groups can have upto 100,000 members, and also supports scripted bots providing utilities and services to the users of the app.

Download: F-Droid | Play Store

4. Termux - Advanced Terminal Emulation on Android

Termux is one of the most powerful terminal emulation programs available for Android, similar to the popular Terminal Emulator app, but it also includes an extensive Linux Package Collection accessible with the apt command. All available packages are compiled from the same source code as their desktop counterparts, giving users access to full fledged versions rather than half-baked ports of desktop Linux packages.

Download: F-Droid | Play Store

5. AnLinux - Run Linux natively on Android

AnLinux works in conjunction with Termux using PRoot (userland chroot) to set up a complete Linux environment. It works several distros such as Ubuntu, Debian & Kali Linux, and even supports a handful of desktop entvironments such as Xfce4, LXDE & Mate via VNC, and requires a VNC client for Android like RealVNC or VNC Viewer.

Download: F-Droid | Play Store

6. p!n - Pin notes to the notification panel

p!n is a super minimalistic note-taking app that resides in your phone’s notification area, giving you easy access to all your notes. This app helps me remember important things which require attention in the short term and saves me from a lot of confusion. All notes are saved in the app’s internal database and are persistent across restarts. Users have the ability to pin notes to the notification area, or snooze them for a specific period of time.

Download: F-Droid

7. KeePass DX - Manage your passwords securely

KeePass DX is an open source password manager for Android which lets you save and use passwords, keys and digital identities in a secure way. It is based on material design and is plugs into Android’s autofill service to securely log in to other apps in a secure manner. It also supports fingerprint unlocking, and also has an integrtated keyboard for filling more advanced fields not supported by Android’s autofill service.

Download: F-Droid

8. Atomize - Compress ‘em pictures

Atomize is a minimalistic PNG image compression app available for Android which can shrink the file size of an image significantly, often by as much as 70%, and maintains an image’s transparency with little to no loss in quality. It utilizes the pngquant lossy compression program to perform high-quality compressions using a combination of vector quantization algorithms.

Download: F-Droid

9. TOR Browser - Protect your online activities

TOR Browser for Android helps protect and secure your web browsing by blocking ads and prevents third-party trackers from snooping on your online activity. Cookies are removed automatically when you sign out of a site. Tor also prevents governments, ISPs, advertisers and other companies from monitoring and analyzing your web traffic to see what sites you visit.

Download: TOR Project | Play Store | F-Droid Repo

10. Haven - Turn an old phone into a security alarm

Haven is an Android application that leverages on-device sensors to provide monitoring and protection of physical areas by turning any Android phone into a motion, sound, vibration and light detector, watching for unexpected guests and unwanted intruders. If you have an extra Android device lying around, you can use Haven to watch out for inuders in your home or office.

Download: GitHub Releases | Play Store | F-Droid Repo

Bonus: WateryDroid

WateryDroid is a minimalistic app that reminds you to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day. It helps you develop a healthy habit, and is super small and has a background footprint negligible and almost unnoticable compared to almost every other app.

Download: F-Droid | Play Store


_I tried to give links only to libre packages, but wasn’t able to verify every link and don’t vouch for the accuracy of either the provided information or the links._